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Get a look at authentic Peanut Carvings that gave me the breath of life!

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Have you ever witnessed Shadow People ? Perhaps the tiled floor in
your restroom has come alive with imagery ? Leonardo da Vinci
claimed (page 62 observation #163) to see new inventions in the
mold-stained walls around him! Rorschach believed he could glimpse
into the mind via inkblots. As the master of images in patterns
known as Abstract Extractionism, I can help you access your
sub-conscious via your scribbles. Scribblism is the art and practice
of the scribble. Would you like your scribble read? Contact me to
get yours today!

The Underground Tale of the Male in the Shell™
See a peanut, pick it up
And all day long you'll have good luck
At seeing the Secret of the Sages,
That's been preserved throughout the ages.
In the heart of the legume,
This ancient knowledge would resume.
As images in clouds, scribbles and stains,
With imagination, reality will change.
It's the venerable man - with hood and beard,
That sparks a laughter at an idea so weird.
With shells strewn about, there is no time to clean it,
The hunt has begun for Old Man in the Peanut!

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To fully understand my art and my intentions, please read the LA Times article entitled, "Just whose idea is it anyway?" by Marc Porter Zasada

Researching Pareidolia?
This is the place to start:
Remember, Pareidolia was only first used in 1994.
Collected at the bottom are links to some of the best examples on the internet.

Throughout our history,
mankind has recognized replicas in objects.
During that time,
many creatives have come across the curiosity -
giving it their own twist:
complete with new vocabulary
and the most unique techniques and applications.
Here's mine:

Abstract Extractionism
An Art Movement!

Abstract Extractionism is the study and practice of
the Recognition of an idea, image, scene or other
abstract in Abstraction and the subsequent Extraction
of it, utilizing the Cavazos Method, in part or in whole.

The Cavazos Method
Begin with an object that will be used for inspiration (Matrix). This can be
anything abstract OR abstracted.

The artist's Recognition can vary from Replica to Abstraction.

Depending on the amount of Extraction that will take place, the artist should
Preserve the Matrix before Extracting the Recognition; keeping in mind the

From sculpting away, to merely pointing it out, the artist coax's
the suggestion from the Matrix.

Exhibition of the Abstract (Matrix) and Extract varies greatly and can be
anything from a simple side-by-side presentation to elaborate viewer
interactivity that reveals the Extraction.

Abstract Extractionism and the Cavazos Method are a Trademark of Ismael Cavazos.

A key characteristic of the field is that there is no one meta term that
is universally recognized by all to describe and categorize the
phenomenon. Therefore, Abstract Extractionism is also about looking
closely at how past and current creatives dealt/deal with the subject.

new!! Ismael Cavazos The Secret of the Sages

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Suiseki (pr. suh-EE-seck-eh)

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Past attempts at defining Abstract Extractionism:
Most definitions have a bias either towards chance/random or destiny/divinely ordained.
Dali's bias is towards a state of mind. Rob Nye's bias is towards his own work - his definition is limited in it's scope.

First, witness, as a writer freely uses three
of the words listed on this site interchangeably...

Horace Walpole's Serendipity
invented 1754

Cozen's New Method
invented 1785

Carl Jung's Synchronicity
invented 1875 - 1961

Dali's Paranoiac-Critical Method
invented 1930's

Klaus Conrad's Apophenia
invented 1958

Steven Goldstein's Pareidolia
invented 1994

Rob Nye's Extractionism
invented 2000

Wikipedia's Religious Pareidolia
invented 2003-4

Ismael Cavazos' Abstract Extractionism
invented 2005


Chance Images

Referred to, but missused vocabulary:



Abstract Extraction is the Forefather of the Visual Pun (top left corner), which is the Forefather of Optical Illusions.